Theme: Revitalization of Kingdom Education in Africa

Title: The Scriptural Toolbox for Kick-starting a Life of Salvation in Christian Faith


Starting a life of salvation in the Christian faith is pivotal to having a relationship with God and experiencing bliss in spiritual formation. Many denominations, creeds and doctrines have taught some unbelievers and believers that salvation is a free commodity that is given once and will last forever—with the mindset and doctrine that supports ‘One saved, forever saved’ and this is a problem that some theologians and preachers of the gospel have established in the body of Christ. This paper gives a scriptural toolbox and answers to how what and where an unbeliever can start his or her salvific journey into Christ. Furthermore, this work provides some scriptural shreds of evidence on salvation, justification, conversion, baptism and new birth—as steps to be taken for a true salvific experience in the Christian faith. The study of salvation must have these topical issues to efficaciously deliver its full potential and blessed assurance in Christ Jesus. This study concludes that the path of salvation highlighted in the study when followed, will not only systematically inform the minds of converts and the body of Christ, it will also eliminate the doctrine of permanent salvation in Christ Jesus.

Keywords: repentance, salvation, justification, conversion, baptism, reconciliation

All the bibliographies, quotations and citations were taken from the English Standard Version (The Reformation Study Bible).

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Imuwahen, Timothy Osarumwense. “The Scriptural Toolbox for Kick-starting a Life of Salvation in Christian Faith”. African Journal of Kingdom Education 1.2 (2023).
doi: 10.5281/zenodo.8220036

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African Journal of Kingdom Education

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August 7, 2023 


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Systematic Theology; Soteriology



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