Pay your fees

AJOKE operates an open-access policy and does not charge subscription or access fees for submissions. Upon submission of a manuscript for vetting and review, authors are required to contribute to the costs incurred during the vetting, review and publication process. Our author administrative fee(s) cover the cost of the following:

  • correspondence fee
  • assigning a DOI for each article
  • similarity check
  • proofreading and copyediting
  • plagiarism check
  • permanent web hosting for your articles and globally unrestricted access to your content
  • typesetting and formatting for an online PDF version of your article

There are however no charges for paper submissions and vetting. Papers that are rejected during the vetting/review process will be communicated without paying an administrative fee. Upon acceptance of your manuscript for production, we will provide you with further directions on our accepted modes of payment if you live outside Nigeria and if you are a Nigerian you will get an email from us requesting your payment within five (5) working days.

Administrative Fees per Conference Abstract or Journal Article:

  • Testament Staff/Student/Alumni: $10 (₦3,000)
  • Any Other Author: $30 (₦10,000)

NOTE: Every principal (first) author is not required to pay the administrative fee for manuscripts above 2 copies in any given Issue. Meaning that your third, fourth, fifth, sixth, etc manuscript will not be charged an administrative fee.

Here is the Account Information for Nigerian Authors:

  • Account Name: African Journal of Kingdom Education (AJOKE)
  • Account Number: 4374092961
  • Bank: Moniepoint (MFB) Microfinance Bank

Note: In your narration, write “AJOKE Administrative Fee