Our areas of publication


The African Journal of Kingdom Education aims to promote Christian education that is informed by biblical values and principles. It seeks to provide resources and support for educators, biblical scholars and marketplace ministers who are committed to helping researchers, scholars, theologians and students develop a Christ-centered worldview and prepare them to live a life that is pleasing to God. This repository feature perspectives from Christian leaders and educators on issues related to education policy, culture, and society. Ultimately, AJOKE seeks to inspire and equip Christian educators to be effective witnesses for Christ and make a positive impact on the world around them. As a Journal, we concentrate on the thematic areas below with their sub-divisions.

Practical Theology; Systematic Theology; Practical Ministry; Historical Theology; Kingdom Theology; Biblical Studies; Canon Law; Philosophical Theology; Pastoral Theology; Christian Theology;  Apologetics; Missiology; Dogmatic Theology, etc.

Biblical Leadership; Church Administration; Strategic Management; Human Capital Development; Financial Management; Wealth Administration; Marketplace Administration; Gifts and Talents Management; Business Theology; Christian Business Management; etc.

Religious; Biblical Education; Christian Education; Christian Counselling Psychology; Pastoral Counselling; Kingdom Education; Philosophy of Education; Prophetic Communication; Sacred Music; Curriculum and Instructions; Marriage and Family Studies; etc.

Journal Articles; Methods; Theses and Dissertations; Books; Posters; Scriptural Articles; Course Materials; Book Reviews; Conference Papers; Presentations; Raw Data; Book Chapters; White Papers; Technical Reports; Original Research Articles; Position Papers, etc.