Theme: Revitalization of Kingdom Education in Africa

Title: The Salvific Global Mission of Jesus: A Biblical and Apologetical Interpretation of Matthew 15:24


The purpose of this paper is to refute claims from non-Christian groups and opponents of the Christian faith, such as Muslims that the mission of Jesus was parochial and not global. In doing this, this writer provides three context clues as anchor texts coupled with copious texts to give sufficient condition, history of salvation as promised by God, a walking theory, and conceptual analysis as springboards to correct interpretation of Matthew 15:24 through the lens of context and synthesis principle of biblical hermeneutics approach pneumagogically.

Keywords: Gentiles, Jews, Salvific Global Mission of Jesus, Supranationalistic Salvation Theory, The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel

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Ilesanmi, Dele Alaba. “The Salvific Global Mission of Jesus: A Biblical and Apologetical Interpretation of Matthew 15:24”. African Journal of Kingdom Education. Vol. 1, Iss. 2 (2023).
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August 20, 2023 


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