Theme: Revitalization of Kingdom Education in Africa

Title: The Restoration of the Dignity of the Church in the Marketplace


This article delves into the profound interrelationship between the church and the marketplace, examining the historical context and outlining a path towards restoring the church’s dignity in economic affairs. By engaging in ethical business practices and providing spiritual guidance, the church can fulfil its responsibility to promote justice, compassion, and moral integrity within the marketplace. Through a concise exploration of ethical practices such as fair trade, sustainability, and social responsibility, as well as the importance of spiritual guidance through workplace ministry programs, counselling services, and prayer groups, this article emphasizes the transformative potential of the church in shaping a more ethical and spiritually enriched economic landscape. By heeding the call to action and actively participating in the marketplace with integrity and faithfulness, the church can bring about positive change, restoring its influence and fulfilling its mission in today’s complex economic world.

Keywords: Church, Dignity, Marketplace, Restoration

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Mazibuko, Viincent. “The Restoration of the Dignity of the Church in the Marketplace”. African Journal of Kingdom Education. Vol. 1, Iss. 2 (2023).
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August 16, 2023 


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