Theme: Revitalization of Kingdom Education in Africa

Title: Maximizing the Resources of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth for Existential Wellbeing


This paper aims to provide a modest process for tapping into the resources of the Kingdom of God and its values for Existential Well-being. Existential challenges have to do with matters of ultimate concerns which have no easy answers. This is problematic for the Believers’ faith. The study examines the genesis of existential challenges in the world and the provisions in the work of redemption for reinstating mankind back to the Kingdom of God through the Word of God, Jesus Christ. An overview of existential well-being is done to increase our understanding of the concept across cultures. The work investigates the significance of the Kingdom of God on Earth to existential well-being through a critical appraisal of the rich resources of the Kingdom that a suffering individual could utilize in times of distress. The finding is that the Kingdom of God on Earth enlarges our capacity to survive and thrive during the changing seasons of life. The study concludes that the resources of Heaven promote our well-being and assist us in coping effectively with existential challenges.

Keywords: Existential Challenges, Existential Wellbeing, Kingdom of God

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August 5, 2023 


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