Theme: Revitalization of Kingdom Education in Africa

Title: Major Trends in Kingdom Church Growth in Nigeria


This paper discusses the major trends in the history of church growth and development in Nigeria. It adapts the recent work by Adamolekun (2012), showing five periods of the history of church growth in Nigeria. The paper discusses further the implications of church growth in Nigeria and offers some suggestions and recommendations that will help strengthen the church of God in Nigeria. The methodology adopted is a historical approach, relying mainly on secondary sources. This paper discovers that church planting has helped the growth of the church in Nigeria and that Pentecostal churches are at the forefront of church planting. It also discovers that the proliferation of churches has negative impacts. The paper concludes that there should be a controlled mechanism in place to curb the excesses of some church founders and that the growth of the church should not be based on orthodoxy but on biblical orthopraxy to change the battered face of Nigerian Society for the better and help the image of the church of God not only in Nigeria but also in the entire world.

Keywords: Christian Missions, Christianity, Church Growth, History, Nigeria

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