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August 2023 Publication; Volume 1, Issue 2: Revitalization of Kingdom Education in Africa

Dele A. Ilesanmi (2023) – Major Trends in Kingdom Church Growth in Nigeria

Deborah M. Akanbi (2023) – Maximizing the Resources of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth for Existential Wellbeing

Dele A. Ilesanmi (2023) – Pneumagogy: A Proposed Theory for Effective Teaching and Learning in Christian Kingdom Education

Timothy O. Imuwahen (2023) – The Scriptural Toolbox for Kick-starting a Life of Salvation in Christian Faith

Vincent Mazibuko (2023) – The Restoration of the Dignity of the Church in the Marketplace

Dele A. Ilesanmi (2023) – The Salvific Global Mission of Jesus: A Biblical and Apologetical Interpretation of Matthew 15:24

December 2023 Publication; Volume 1, Issue 3: Kingdom Education and the Global Church

Imuwahen, T. O., Ilesanmi, D. A., & Akanbi, D. M. (2023) – Unravelling the Four Epistemic Methods of Experiencing God: Insights and Implications.

Ilesanmi, D. A., Imuwahen, T. O., & Akanbi, D. M. (2023) – Kingdom Christian Education and the Global Church: Combating Heresies in the Age of Globalisation.

Ikyernum, S. E., Mishi, S. G., & Effeh, N. (2023) – Re-examination of Some Salient Issues on the Authorship and Recipient of Mark’s Gospel.